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Aleppo Classic Soap

Traditional Aleppo Soap with 40% laurel is a high-quality soap. It is 100% natural and hand-made. It is made of olive oil, 40% bay laurel oil, 5% water... read more

Aleppo Liquid Soap

Liquid Aleppo Soap has the same identical properties of the traditional Aleppo Soap but is different in texture. Both have same ingredients too. It is a... read more

Aleppo Perfumed Soap

Perfumed Aleppo Soap with 40% laurel is a high-quality soap. It is 100% natural and is made from the traditional Aleppo Soap. hand-made except the last..read more

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About Company

The brand Letizia Buzon was born in the city that links two continents and four seas. And in that magical environment we wanted to unite emotions, illusions and dreams. On March the 15th, 2011, the war in Syria began and after seven years, almost 6 million Syrians have left...read more

Aleppo Soap Ingredients

Laurel Berry Oil

typically 5–40% determines the quality of the soap.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a liquid fat obtained from olives.

Potassium hydroxide


Aqua is the Latin word for purified water.

Aleppo Soap Cooking

Boiling Phase

It is ‘cooked’ in a cauldron. The base ingredients are olive oil, laurel oil sodium hydroxide and water.

Spreading Out

The soap is spread out to solidify.

Hand Cutting

After Being solidified it will be cut by hand, by traditional methods, into rectangular bars.

Hand Stamping

It will be stamped and left to be dried.


After drying for at least 9 months.


Aleppo soap age like fine wine. Some people in Aleppo actually bragged around about 20-30 years old soaps kept in the attic.