The Story of "Letizia Bozun SAVO D'ALEP"

The brand Letizia Buzon was born in the city that links two continents and four seas. And in that magical environment we wanted to unite emotions, illusions and dreams.

On March the 15th, 2011, the war in Syria began and after seven years, almost 6 million Syrians have left their country. That is why Turkey, a border country, welcomes more than 3.5 million refugees.

We are working on the Turkish-Syrian border where hundreds of people displaced by the war reside. All of them retain the knowledge of the making of the oldest soap in the world, Aleppo soap, endowed with the best dermatological principles for the skin.

Due to the climate of the Levant area, we have been able to develop the Aleppo soap in identical conditions and properties, with 40% of bay oil, the highest proportion that endows the skin with multiple dermatological virtues.

After the war, this soap was impossible to be found in the market due to the impossibility in its manufacture.

Our dream is to return the Syrian refugees, people who have been forced to abandon their country, the illusion through the success of their work and help them recover the aroma of their land, the aroma of Aleppo Soap.

We work with men and women, the latter being our collective inspiration. With this we help their social incorporation in the country that welcomes them and we keep the ancient tradition of soap making alive.

All the soaps have been made by 50 workers in a plant and the goal is to hire 400 workers for a total of eight plants. This is very important, beacause hiring a worker extends to the survival of his family.

We want to thank the Syrian soap makers who have moved to Turkey to follow this ancestral tradition that will allow their generations to continue this legacy.

The ancient history of Aleppo Soap

This soap is 2,000-year-old that goes back to Hammurabi’s ancient Babylon. It is the first hard soap and the great, grandfather of all soap bars in history. This is the original castile soap…Savon de Marseille is just a mere baby compared to the Savon d’Alep and is actually a 15th century copycat of the latter.

Ingredients: olive oil, laurel berries oil, and sodium hydroxide (extracted from sea salt). It contains no animal fat, colors, perfume, chemical or synthetic derivative.

Our Team

Letizia Buzon


Ali Altinci

Project Manager

Tarek Shalati

Graphic Designer