Product Specifications

Aleppo soap has multiple intended uses. It uses only 100% natural ingredients and contain no animal fats, unnecessary chemical additives, colors, perfume, chemical or synthetic derivative they are just luxurious, mild, and gentle soaps with incredible purity and moisturizing properties, ideal for sensitive skins. They are used in some of the finest Spa Houses & Turkish baths all over the world.

This soap is mild, nourishing and moisturizing. It won’t dry your skin out and excellent to be used from head-to-toe.

Do you know that this soap bar actually floats in your bath due to its density? When cut into two, you can see the beige outer rind with a lovely leafy green on the inside.

The Savon d’Alep brought by Letizia Buzon contains 40% Laurel Oil. This is a really traditional Aleppo Soap handmade by the soap makers of Aleppo, who have been making this soap since 1938 using same traditional methods.

How to Use the Savon d’Alep

  • This soap can be used from head-to-toe, from moisturizing facial cleansing to conditioning hair shampooing. Excellent when used with a loofah.
  • Makes a great shaving soap.
  • Adds body and volume to hair when used as shampoo. On dyed hair, it actually helps prolong the color.
  • When used as a hammam-style massage soap, it has a smooth, deep and warming effect that leaves your skin feeling deeply-cleansed and refreshed.
  • Use a deep cleansing face masque. Wet face, lather the soap and massage the lather to your face, leave about 2-3 minutes. Wipe off with warm wet towel.
  • Gentle enough for baby (avoid eye areas), and those with sensitive and troubled skin.
  • Use the soap instead of your usual detergent for fine laundry and baby clothing.

Benefits of Bay Laurel Essential Oil

In fact it supports the anti-aging effect. Laurel oil has antiseptic effects, a very good antibacterial activity and helps against scaling scalp.

Bay laurel essential oil is a great tool in restoring a calm, clear thought process, and clearing the head.

It also has been used to treat colic, indigestion, as a memory enhancing aid, or can help with muscle and joint pain when combined with another carrier oil and massage therapy.

In the past, bay laurel essential oil was widely used to treat colic, indigestion, to promote menstruation, and as a fever reducer.

It was also believed to calm hysteria, put the mind at rest, and aid in clear, level headed thinking.

It is also widely used to add fragrance to detergent, cosmetics, and various scents, especially to impart the typical trademark fresh balsamic scent bay is known for.

The spicey scent of bay is said to refresh the mind and allow for more clearly focused thoughts and concentration, but it is still primarily used in scents and cooking.

Essential oil of bay can be added at a rate of nine drops to each ounce of hair care products such as shampoo or conditioning treatments to enhance their effectiveness. Bay laurel essential oil has long been used for skin and hair care.

Bay laurel essential oil can also be used to massage rheumatic joints when mixed with a carrier oil. You can use bay laurel essential oil in any recipe that calls for dried bay leaves.